Hi, I'm Dawn


My focus is to bring attention your way

After spending decades in a corporate environment, I stopped hiding behind closed doors when I allowed my passion for photography to lead me on a personal path of discovery and delight. Realizing there's plenty of talent to be shared in the world, I developed Dawned Images to serve and elevate entrepreneurs by highlighting their specialty services/products and support their business goals with compelling imagery. With a distinct understanding for business marketing coupled with creative ability, I am able to bring greater attention with intention to my clients with personalized visual storytelling. Furthermore, I enjoy featuring clients and helping them build relationships. Being on-brand, well-connected, and interactive are key components to not only being true to who you are and what you do but also a more valued and respected business owner in the marketplace. When I'm not shooting, you can find me hiking outdoors on a nearby trail, playing with my puppy or taking in some tasty meals at local establishments with my family and friends. I am based in Lake County, OH, but happy to travel to your location.



Angela - health & Wellness Coach

“Dawn captured the essence of who I am and what I do so beautifully. I had a good time working with her and shared plenty of laughs along the way.”

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